Craftsmanship and Mediterranean tradition

Ca'neleta, is a young family company located in Alicante, Southern Spain's Mediterranean coast, which was born with a vocation for "the traditional creation of products and tinned food coming from our cultural tradition and Mediterranean land."

Only with the best raw materials obtained with traditional methods and the perfect combination of the latest technology, it is possible to offer top quality tinned traditional food.




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Our products have been made in the same way for centuries; without preservatives, colouring or additives. It is only with natural and effective preservation methods like extra virgin olive oil and sterilization at high temperatures that we are able to provide products with all their qualities intact and in perfect conditions for two years




What is natural and traditional also goes hand in hand with quality and safety. All our production processes are fully controlled and possess traceability systems which allow us to identify the origin and destination of all our products, offering our customers the best warranties.

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